Learning Scenarios Cyprus

Cypriot Implementations – Phase A

Posters from 10 teachers who participated in Cypriot implementations presenting Macro Level Learning Designs and Details of the classroom implementation.
(Language: Greek)

1 Modern Greek Creation of schools’ electronic magazine Greek 12-14
2 Modern Greek Talking about work and profession Greek 12-14
3 Computer Science
Design and Technology
Mechanisms Greek 12-14
4 Chemistry Exothermic and endothermic reaction / dissolution Greek 12-14
5 Ancient Greek Troy – Patroklia Greek 12-14
6 Physics Heat and temperature Greek 12-14
7 Mathematics Cartesian Coordinates Greek 12-14
8 English language Short Stories Greek 12-14
9 Computer Science Food Greek 12-14
10 Computer Science Application Software – Spreadsheets Greek 12-14

 Cypriot Implementations – Phase B

The learning scenarios designed and implemented by Cypriot teachers during EUfolio Phase B implementation are presented below:

Scenario 11
icon-354357_640Subject: Modern Greek
Title: A Research Study
Language: English
Agegroup: 12-14